Dear Rain

Dear Rain,

I woke this morning unsure of the time. Your dark clouds teased my eyes, saying…  it couldn’t possibly be time to wake up. The glowing clock across my room begged to differ. So, I forced myself awake. Still dazed, I prayed Fajr yet forgot to thank Al Khaliq for you. Your drops pitter-pattering on my window hummed me back to sleep. A few hours later, I rose to still gray skies and dancing drops. Fooled by your rhythm, my morning was gone. How you ruined my plans for a productive morning! As your darkness continued to hide the sun, I resolved to not allow you to wreck the rest of my day. In spite of your constant downpour, I made plans. I got ready and stepped outside. You fell louder and harder, and your brother, wind, howled at me. I did not flinch. I stood firmly and grunted back. And then I went forward, ran my errands, and met my friends. We chuckled at outsmarting you and scoffed that you had not taken our hints to leave. You continued to linger outside. I came back home, busied myself in mundane tasks, and forgot about you. But as I prepared to lie down and end my day, you pounded at my door, demanding to be heard. So as I sat and listened to your complaints, I began to nod in shame because you were right. I had cursed you despite your mercy. I had ignored you despite your beauty. I had turned away from you despite you demanding me to turn back to my Rabb. Thank you, and please know that I’m sorry.

An ungrateful servant

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