The Elevated Light (ضوء المعالي)

Bismillahi wa billahi tawfiq. I have begun the task of slowly translating Mulla `Alī al-Qārī’s Ḍaw’ al-Ma`ālī `āla Manẓūmah Bad` al-Amālī. I will post the translation verse by verse. Later, I intend to add further selections from Badr al-Layālī by Mufti Ridā al-Haqq, Shaykh Abd al-Salām’s and Abdul-Hamīd’s notes on Ḍaw’ al-Ma`ālī, and other sources into the footnotes. 

I request anyone reading it to keep two things in mind. First, this is a work-in-progress and there will be mistakes. Second, if you find any mistakes in content, grammar, or otherwise, I would be grateful for any feedback. JazākumAllahu khayran.

– Mateen A. Khan (Trenton, NJ)

The Poem

Verses 1-3

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