Meet the Bloggers

Dr. Mateen Khan

(Trenton, New Jersey)

West Philadelphia born and…well, he was raised in the suburbs. Fast forward 35 years, Dr. Mateen graduated from university & medical school, completed a residency in Emergency Medicine and the ‘alimiyya course from the illustrious Darul Uloom Canada. His current interests are in ‘aqidah, tafsir, and of course, ER Medicine.

Mufti Mohammed Samir Wahid

(Atlanta, Georgia)

Being an Atlanta native, Mufti Samir understands the unique community and is committed to providing opportunities for Atlanta Muslims to access traditional knowledge in a modern context. After completing his `alimiyyah degree, he went on to gain ijazah in Ifta‘. He is now the director and co-founder of Ibadur Rahamaan: Servants of Allah. He was an instructor for eAlim, the online distance learning shariah program of Darul Uloom Canada and Darul Uloom Al-Madania. He gives lectures at various masajid and conducts programs such as weekly MSA halaqahs, seminars, events, and retreats. Apart from academics, he takes keen interest in organizing sports or extracurricular events in order to positively engage the youth.

Imam Numaan Cheema

(Boston, Massachusetts)

Imam Numaan was born and raised in the suburbs of New Jersey. At a young age, he ventured to Buffalo, New York and Chatham, Ontario to gain an understanding of the fundamentals of Islam. Upon graduation, he took up a position as an imam and teacher in Boston. Currently, he is furthering his training as well as directing 4EveryMuslim. He enjoys studying Islamic creed and prophetic narrations.

Shaykh Omar Baig

(Mississauga, Ontario)

Ustadh Omar was born and raised in Mississauga. He’s hopped all around the map, spending years in North Carolina, Florida, and New York where he completed his memorization of the Qur’an at Darul Uloom Al-Madania. He then traveled to Chatham, Ontario to complete his ‘alimiyya degree at Darul Uloom Canada. Now, he’s across the pond in Bury, England to obtain a degree in Ifta’. Wherever his travels take him, may he continue benefiting us at Enter the Sunnah.

Umm Abdullah

(Central New Jersey)

After completing middle school, Umm Abdullah went to Buffalo, NY to gain an in-depth knowledge of the deen while simultaneously completing her secular studies. She graduated in June 2013 with an `alimiyyah degree, and since then, she teaches Qur’anic translation, Qur’an Tafseer, Tajweed, Seerah, Fiqh, and Akhlaq/Adab to sisters of all ages in person and online. She also leads halaqahs and workshop intensives for young Muslim sisters and gives lectures at various places from time to time.


View the Enter the Sunnah bloggers’ sanad (chain of narration) back to the Prophet ﷺ.

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