Ramadan Prep

By Imam Numaan Cheema (Boston, Massachusetts) Ramadan. It’s a time for all to reconnect spiritually to our Lord. But are we ready for it? We hear the hype: how Ramadan is meant to be a life changing experience and how we’re supposed to come out reformed in Shawwal. But are we ready for it? It tends to simply… Read More Ramadan Prep

The End Is Near!

by Dr. Mateen Khan (Trenton, New Jersey) The end is near! Stop daydreaming about iftar lassis and kunafa. Grab your Qur’ans. Straighten your kufis and tighten your hijabs. Head for the closest masjid. Ramadan is coming to an end! In these last days, I thought I would remind ourselves of a few things to accomplish: I’tikāf Vacation in the masjid and receive a second, much greater vacation in the ākhirah. This sunnah mu’akkada1 was… Read More The End Is Near!