Muslim Voters, We Need You!

By Shaykh Omar Baig As the U.S. presidential elections begin kicking into high gear, once again Islam and Muslims are a major talking point. The bigotry, hatred, and racism openly spewed out have reached unprecedented levels. It almost feels as if such apparent hateful rhetoric was never before acceptable. However, this is nothing new. It has... Continue Reading →

Ramadan Prep

By Imam Numaan Cheema (Boston, Massachusetts) Ramadan. It's a time for all to reconnect spiritually to our Lord. But are we ready for it? We hear the hype: how Ramadan is meant to be a life changing experience and how we’re supposed to come out reformed in Shawwal. But are we ready for it? It tends to simply... Continue Reading →

Voice Within

by Ramzia C. (Meriden, CT) Even in silence, the echo is heard, a voice calling out to you, demanding to be heard. You ignore it and continue on with your work, allowing the desires of your base self to take control. You neglect its promise of fertility and feed its whims, desiring more but gaining... Continue Reading →

Ramadan Essentials

“O Believers, the fast [of Ramadan] has been mandated upon you just as it was upon those before you, so that you may develop taqwa.” (2:183) The Prophet ﷺ said, “Ramadan has come to you, a month containing blessings in which Allah surrounds you [with His Love]. He sends His Mercy, erases your sins and... Continue Reading →

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