Niqab: An Approach Based on the Proofs

Wearing niqab is a deeply personal choice. Many across the world wear it for no other reason than to please their Lord. Unfortunately, some non-Muslims and Muslims equate the niqab with extremism or dismiss it as a purely cultural practice. Attached is a discussion to show that niqab indeed has a legitimate basis in Islam.... Continue Reading →

Lessons from Ma`ariful Qur’an: Slavery in Islam

by Shaykh Dr. Mateen Khan (Trenton, New Jersey) The following is a brief, loose translation including the translator’s notes on a topic from the Qur’anic exegesis, Ma`ariful Qur’an, written by the late esteemed Mufti Muhammad Shafi`. Any ayahs and hadiths have also been translated loosely to convey a meaning rather than a strict literal translation. Note:... Continue Reading →

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