Machine Slaughtered Chicken

By Shaykh Omar Baig While there are understandable differences of opinion regarding issues pertaining to salāh, zakāh, and ḥajj, never before have such differences come about regarding food. Nowadays, even the chicken we eat every day is an issue of contention! During the time of the Messenger (may Allah Ta’ala bless him and give him peace),... Continue Reading →

Doubting Your Food

by Ustadh Omar Baig (Mississauga, Ontario) I finally arrived at Burger Factory. Oh man, I’m starving! I haven’t eaten all day. This place definitely has the best burgers in town. Even this brother is heading in the same direction. "Salām brother! You off to Burger Factory as well? Wait… What?! Harām?! It says it’s halāl right... Continue Reading →

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